Angular Domain Analysis Module

  • Provides in-cylinder pressure acquisition up to 8 cylinders.

  • Provides feedback to the engine control unit via CAN 2.0 bus for closed-loop, cycle-to-cycle combustion phasing and torque control.

  • Graphical interface and data recording available.

  • Open-source analysis algorithms allows easy customization.

  • Compatible with standard cam and crank configurations.

  • Up to 0.5° resolution at 16,000 RPM*.

*Available with High Speed or Custom models.

Dual Fuel Diesel - DME Genset


Exceptional fuel economy and clean emissions,

DME fueled engine yields a significantly improved emission-fuel efficiency tradeoff due to the oxyginated content of the fuel. User can alternate between DME and Diesel with a simple remote control.



The LABCART is used to provide direct access to a control unit using easy-use jumpers. The tabs make it possible to access the individual control unit signals externally and is ideal for a laboratory environment, where software and hardware are being designed and validated. 


Project-specific front panels can be customized. Select jumpers can be masked to avoid faulty or erroneous connections. The LABCART 1901 breakout panel is designed as a standard 19” rack-mount type .


for the M670 ECU

used on the HYUNDAI 2.2L CDI engine