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Dual Fuel Diesel DME Generator


Generator Specs

Generator Type:    2-Pole

Frequency:         50 or 60 Hz

Power Factor:      1.0


Rated AC voltage:  120V / 240V

Rated AC current:  42A  / 21A (Standard)

Rated DC output:   12V

Rated DC current   10A (Standard)


Insulation type:   E-class

Bearing type:      Ball bearing with enclosed grease


Output Terminal:   (2) 125V - 20A GFCI

                   (1) 125V - 30A 3-pin Twist Lock

                   (1) 250V - 20A 4-pin Twist Lock

                   (1) 12V

Breaker            AC 22A 

                   DC 12A

Engine Specs

Make/Model:        Yanmar/L100N6-GEYYDG2 

Type:              4-stroke, compression ignition

Piston Alignment:  Vertical

Combustion System: Direct Injection

Number of Cyl:     1

Compression ratio: 21:1

Bore x stroke:     86 x 75 mm

Displacement:      0.44L


Balancer Shaft:    Single Shaft

Rotation:          Counterclockwise (from flywheel)


Fuel System  

Fuel Type:         Diesel / DME

Injection Nozzle:  VCO 

Nozzle Open Press: 200bar

Governor:          Electronic

Cooling System:    Force air (via flywheel fan)

Air Filter:        Dry-paper element

Lubrication:       Forced lube (gerotor pump)

                   Splash lube over rocker arms

Oil Type:          SAE 15W-40 

Oil Filter:        Resin type - Mesh 60

Oil capacity:      1.5L

Fuel Tank:         5L


Starting System:   Electrical

Battery Capacity:  250 CCA - 45Ah



Other Service Information

Max inclination:   20deg

Starting Temp:     Above -10C

Emergency Stop:    Low Oil sensor


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