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Dual Fuel Diesel DME Generator

JD 4045.jpg

Generator Specs

Generator Type:    4-Pole

Alternator         Marathon 362CSL 1606

Frequency:         60 Hz


Rated AC voltage:  1-phase 120V/240VAC 78kW

                   3-phase 120/208 VAC 85kW

Insulation type:   H-class

Bearing type:      Single bearing


Engine Specs

Make/Model:        John Deere/4045HFG04

Type:              4-stroke, compression ignition

EPA compliance:    Final Tier 4

Combustion System: Direct Injection

Number of Cyl:     4

Compression ratio: 17:1

Bore x stroke:     106 x 127 mm

Displacement:      4.5L

Air System:        Turbocharged, Cooled

Fuel System  

Fuel Type:         Diesel / DME

Injection Nozzle:  VCO 

Nozzle Open Press: 200bar

Governor:          Electronic

Lubrication:       Gear pump

Oil Filter:        Sin-on Cartridge

Oil capacity:      15L

Fuel Tank:         5L

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