Dual Fuel Diesel - DME Genset


Exceptional fuel economy and clean emissions,

DME fueled engine yields a significantly improved emission-fuel efficiency tradeoff due to the oxyginated content of the fuel. User can alternate between DME and Diesel with a simple remote control.



The LABCART is used to provide direct access to a control unit using easy-use jumpers. The tabs make it possible to access the individual control unit signals externally and is ideal for a laboratory environment, where software and hardware are being designed and validated. 


Project-specific front panels can be customized. Select jumpers can be masked to avoid faulty or erroneous connections. The LABCART 1901 breakout panel is designed as a standard 19” rack-mount type .


for the M670 ECU

used on the HYUNDAI 2.2L CDI engine

ECHO is an Engine Controller High speed Oversight unit designed to provide controllers such as an engine ECU with the ability to incorporate diagnostics and extremely fast feedback control on critical systems.