September 2020

WM international proudly introduces ECHO - a powerful data acquisition and analytics tool that is capable of performing combustion analysis and feedback in real-time. ECHO is designed to serve and integrate into projects that demand high performance. ECHO has deployed to the field to serve our early customers, and more features are been actively developed. Learn more about it on our product page.

5 December 2019
Windsor, ON - Canada


WM international commissioned at FORD motor company its Dual Fuel Diesel - DME generator, contributing to FORD's program to develop an automotive DME application based on its European MONDEO vehicle.

14 - 15 May 2019
Illinois Institute of Technology


WM international, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and Productive Resources teamed up to exploring t he economics of fuel production,

how Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel compliment the electrification movement, how Fuel Can be created from Waste Products, advances in Gas-to-Liquid Fuels, and ehe emerging Hydrogen Economy.

Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 3.30.31 PM.png
8th International DME Conference 
10 - 12 September 2018
Sacramento, CA


WM International participated in the 8th IDA workshop which included a showcase of its Dual Fuel Diesel-DME generator.

17 - 18 May 2018
Illinois Institute of Technology


WM international and the Illinois Institute of Technology teamed up to exploring key alternative fuels that are viable replacements on modern engines.

Design and Manufacturing Outreach 
Fall 2017

Majid Naghshineh, WMI VP of Business Development, led a graduate level course in Computer Aided Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology. WMI and DONSON Machine based in ALSIP, IL team up to bring the practical aspects of this industry to students.

7th International DME Conference 
14 - 16 September 2016
Houston, Texas


The DME industry's flagship event provided an in-depth look at developments worldwide connected with DME's production, commercialization and use, with a special emphasis on DME's introduction as an automotive fuel

Sandia National Labs
8-11 Feb, 2016


The conference captures the latest Combusiton reseach. WMI and MTU presented their latets combustion tests with DME at elevated injection pressures.


November-December Dual Fuel
Engine Tests


Progress on the Dual Fuel DME-Diesel System has been steady. Initial prototype has been tested and shown to successfully run our GENSET with both fuels.




Chicago, IL

May 17-18 2018


Chicago, IL

May 17-18 2018


Injection pressure will play a critical role to extend the DME efficiency potential over the Diesel benchamrk


Injection pressure and flow rate of DME at 3600rpm for target fuel of 20mm3/stroke.

9th Asian DME Conference
Wu Zhen, China, 17-18 October, 2015


The conference was marked by excellent interactions and technical discussions. DME's soot free combustion is an important attribute of DME, yet the importance to demonstrate "real-life" fuel economy advantage with respect to the Diesel benchmark was discussed.


Delegation at the 9th Asian DME Congress