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WMI offers a line of injectors purposely designed to work with dimethyl ether (DME) – a clean-burning, renewable fuel and an alternative to diesel. There are three models in the lineup:
Mechanical Injector for Dual Fuel Diesel-DME
440cc/cyl Generator
  • Designed for WG-M-DDME-05 dual fuel generator

  • Work with both diesel and dimethyl ether (DME) fuel

WG-E-DDME-05 Drawing.png

M-05-WG mechanical fuel injector

Electronic Injector for Dual Fuel Diesel-DME
440cc/cyl Generator
  • Replaces the mechanical unit injector

  • Capable of increased fuel pressure from 400bar to 1000bar

  • Responsible for a 23% engine efficiency increase at peak load generation.


Mechanical (gray) vs electronic (colored) fuel injector setup.

Electronic Injector for DME Fueled Engine
  • Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector (HEUI) designed to operate with the low lubricity DME fuel.

  • Fuel intensification allows injection pressures of 2000 bar, highest in the DME space.

  • Proven to exceed the baseline Diesel performance while reducing the combustion emissions

DME Inj 1600cc Drawing.png
DME Inj 1600cc.jpg

E-30-WX electronic fuel injector


Custom Fuel System Components and Instrumentations

WMI also designs fuel systems per request and validates the performance using custom instrumentation. Below are sample applications.
Aircraft Injectors 850 cc/cyl Application
  • Mechanical injection system.

  • Small package for an aircraft engine.

  • Design incorporates:

    • Pump  Housing

    • Plunger and Barrels

    • Delivery Valves

    • Spill and Regulating Valves

    • Fuel Lines

    • Injectors

    • Electronic Idle Governor

  • Exceeding fine accuracy of injection across cylinders.

DH HFP.png
DH INJ.png
DH INJ2.jpg
High-Speed Adaptation
  • Injector version for a very high-speed application

  • Command valve group components designed to operate at high-frequency switching

HSA 1.png
HSA 2.png
Nozzle Flow Rate Bench
  • Clamp-style nozzle fixture for quick assembly

  • Closed-loop control on a 3kW motor to drive fuel delivery pump and ensure constant pressure at the nozzle inlet

  • Aerospace-grade turbine-style flow meter to measure the flow rate

  • Automated testing and data recording sequence

Nozzle Flow Bench.png
Rate of Injection Bench
  • Full setup for fuel calibration and measuring ROI

  • Fuel Stand

    • Electric motor drive

    • Fuel pump assembly

    • Injector fixtures

    • Flow column

    • Fuel flow circuit

    • Oil and cooling circuit

  • DAQ System

    • Real-time injection volume calculation

    • Indirect fuel flow measurement

    • Pressure and temperature recording

    • Excel integrated automated data logging

fuel stand.jpg
ROI Daq Cart.PNG
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